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Frequently Asked Questions
Chowraiooi Muay Thai is headed by Head Trainer Robert Yap, who has more than 25 years of experience in Muay Thai and martial arts. He leads his team of Thai and local trainers that conduct the training programme for beginners, intermediates and professional fighters alike.

Robert holds the title of Master Trainer under the Amateur Muay Thai Association of Singapore, recognised and in partnership with SportsSG and the Singapore National Olympic Council.

Robert is the Team Manager for Team Singapore, Singapore's National Muay Thai team, as well as the Director of Operations in the Amateur Muay Thai Association of Singapore.

1. I am a beginner and have no Muay Thai experience. What do I need to do and prepare for before starting my first class? Are there special classes for beginners?

We cater to beginners (first timers) during our 5.30pm and 7.30pm classes on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. During your first class, we will train you separately to learn the basics of stance, punching and Muay Thai introduction. After your first class, you can join any of the other classes in our schedule. No special equipment is needed and you need to bring along your exercise attire, a towel, and some water (which you can buy at the gym, but save some money and bring your own). We provide hand wraps and gloves and you can also buy wraps at the gym. What you do need is a readiness to exercise and have fun. We have a pretty informal atmosphere at the gym so come with a sense of humour ;)

Oh and call Head Trainer Robert at 82994981 to let him know which class you are coming for. If he doesn't answer it means he is either in training or watching the latest Petchartchai Chowraiooi Lumpinee fight for the 384th time. Either way, he will call you back. 

2. Do you have free trial classes?

 We don't do free trial classes (sorry!). That's cos we actually have to spend a lot more time on you during your first class as a beginner. You can pay for a single class and get a good workout and decide from there. If you just want to see what training is like, feel free to come and sit around the gym to observe. We have guys and gals sitting around all the time. We don't know why....

3. I am unfit and/or  more than 40 years old... can I do Muay Thai? 

 In our opinion, Muay Thai is one of best ways to get fit in a fun way. All we need is that you get a simple medical clearance from your doctor to state you are fit to exercise. Our youngest trainee is 7 and our oldest is 68.

4. What is the training like?

 Our focus at Chowraiooi is padwork. Love or hate it. Our sessions start with skipping and stretching, shadow boxing, then circuit based bag-work, and a couple of rounds of pad work, and then wrap up with conditioning exercises (push-ups, sit-ups, etc). You are also welcome to use our conditioning equipment in the gym. 

5. I have some experience in Muay Thai already. Are there certain slots for intermediate trainees?

 You can come for any of the training slots. Our gym is pretty 'intimate' so our trainers get to know you pretty quickly after a couple of sessions, and you will find that our trainers will adjust the training for you accordingly, especially during padwork. If you want to work on your clinch or sparring, speak to Robert and he will find you a partner.

6.  Do you do personal training and corporate classes?

 Yes but on a limited basis. Have a chat with Robert the Head Trainer about it at 82994981.

7. What training packages are right for me?  

 You can be assured that there will not be any pressure on you to sign-up to any membership packages. We are too busy training. Our suggestion is to pay on a per-class basis until you are comfortable with your ability to commit your time and energy to Muay Thai. Then you can decide if you want to pay for classes in bulk at a discount, or go for the monthly unlimited package. Whatever suits you.

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